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Report: Survey of Unregistered GOP Citizens

Campaign Now publishes findings of survey of unregistered conservatives in key 2024 battleground states.

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10 States Poised for Record Turnout in 2024: A Data-Driven Deep Dive

This analysis meticulously dissects recent polling data and historical trends to identify  the ten states primed for record-breaking turnout in 2024.

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WEC deactivates 45% more Democratic voters than Republicans in latest voter purge

A brief description of the research with a link at the bottom directing to a dedicated landing page.

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Inflation Nation: The Deciding Factor in the 2024 Presidential Election

How Inflation Could Upend Politics and Affect Voter Attitude in the Upcoming Election.

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Divided We Fall: The Escalating Polarization in American Politics

Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Political Polarization.

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