Grassroots Fundraising

Fundraising breathes life into a cause, campaign, or organization.

Campaign Now is a grassroots organizing and consulting agency that specializes in seeking significant donations that boost the success of political candidates, state-wide campaigns, nonprofit organizations, issue-based efforts, and many other causes.

Seek out high-quality fundraising and donor, volunteer, member, and supporter cultivation services. Build and maintain stronger relationships with key financial supporters and stakeholders.

Who Can Benefit From Fundraising and Cultivation Services?

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Associations and membership organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Political candidates at all levels of government
  • PACs and other fundraising organizations

A Unique Approach

Your supporters are always at the forefront. The goals of fundraising and cultivation are so much more than a money-grab. This is about a shared worldview, protecting our loved ones, supporting vital causes, and preserving the future.

The right fundraising partners will take the time to understand your goals and messages, then customize a tailored strategy to get that information in front of the right people at the right time. 

Here’s How It Works: 

Campaign Now will work with you and your organization to determine specific goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals. Here’s what you can expect in working with us.

  1. First, we will work to identify and communicate your unique values, mission, goals, and messaging to a specific target audience.
  2. Next, we will work together to develop a fundraising plan that will hit your targets and resonate with your audience.
  3. We will tailor each call/post/message to each individual supporter's history with your organization.
  4. Using a blend of good old-fashioned fundraising techniques and the latest innovative methods, we will work to build donations, memberships, and awareness of your cause.
  5. We will gather and enhance data from each individual we contact to ensure it’s as useful and relevant as possible.
  6. Analyzing the data collected and the results achieved, we will continue to modify and adjust the approach to create an effective ongoing fundraising strategy.

The reputation and future of your organization are at stake with each contact, so we will work hard to help you preserve its image. Our job is to ensure that each contact enhances both your intelligence about supporters and your organization’s reputation with them.

Developing an Outreach and Fundraising Plan

A successful fundraising or outreach campaign must be based on a realistic, comprehensive, and complete plan. An experienced fundraising team allows you to build comprehensive plans that you can rely on.

Your plan will include a testing period that allows for message testing, data testing, and continuous updates and changes as results are compiled. This ensures that when your fundraising goes live, it will go smoothly.

Outreach Over the Phone

Telefundraising and phone outreach campaigns are perfect for small- to medium-sized campaigns and organizations. A talented team of outreach specialists makes phone contact on your schedule and always on-budget. 

Your audience should hear a voice that is warm, well-informed, sympathetic, and inspiring. Break down the barriers to giving and providing a personalized touch to your phone outreach campaigns.


Fundraising Insights


While online giving is on the rise, direct mail is still an extremely powerful method of fundraising. Many fundraisers report that 90% of their donations roll in offline. So, especially for certain demographics, don’t use email or social fundraising instead of direct mail, but use them in addition to direct mail where it makes sense.

Fundraising mailers are the perfect way to reconnect with your current donors and to pique the interest of prospective ones. Fundraising letters should include professional design and copywriting, as well as a return envelope to facilitate donations. 

Direct mail is a friendly, informative way to keep your supporters up-to-date on your campaign or the organization’s latest successes. Share your future goals, reinforce your mission, and meet your fundraising goals by generating revenue through the mail.

Direct Mail Fundraising Insights

In today's world of constant connectivity and always-online devices, digital cultivation is more important than ever. Your online presence welcomes supporters from all over the country and all over the world, and it allows you to connect on a deep level with your most loyal followers.

Digital cultivation involves having an updated, relevant presence on all major social media outlets, which is vital to staying in close contact with your supporters. We also suggest sending monthly email blasts to pass on information, keep your supporters updated, and raise funds.

These efforts are also part of a larger online cultivation strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO), display and search advertising, social media advertising, and much more. You need a team of digital experts who can advise you on the best routes for your organization depending on your message, budget, and the audience you’re trying to attract and engage with.

Online Fundraising Insights

Online Donation Platform

You need an online donation platform immediately if you don’t already have one. Online donations are how today’s web users connect with the causes they care about. If you’re not collecting donations online, you’re missing out on a huge fundraising source.

Consider these staggering statistics about online donations:

  • Overall, online giving has grown between 7% and 13% every year since 2012.
  • Facebook took in $80 million on Giving Tuesday in 2017, then $125 million the following year, which is an increase of 178% and $45 million in funds raised.
  • 54% of donors worldwide now prefer to give online with a credit or debit card.

An online donation platform works as a 24/7 fundraiser for your organization. Spread your group’s message, collect donations, and encourage donors to share their giving on social media, which will spark even more donations.

Online Donation Insights

Nothing beats meeting someone face-to-face, especially in today’s screen-focused climate where many interactions are separated by handheld devices. Design a public fundraiser or knock-on-doors event that will be unforgettable for your audience.

These events are a dual opportunity for your organization: get face time with your supporters and gather data about them. While canvassing, update and assemble data about your audience so you can continue your outreach on many other levels later.

Conduct a quick survey at supporters’ doorsteps. Host a fundraiser. Just make sure it’s always a professional, effective event that is well-matched to your mission and message.

In-Person Supporter Cultivation

Even in today's fast-moving and ever-evolving climate, nothing beats meeting a candidate or leader face to face. Whether you're holding a public fundraiser or knocking on doors while canvassing, personal interaction with others is an opportunity to constantly update and gather data on your supporters. 

Simply by requesting an email address upon event registration, or conducting a quick survey at a supporter’s doorstep, you’ll gather crucial information. These are small activities that go a long way towards improving the quality and value of your data.

Events and In-Person Fundraising Insights

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