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Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Your Grassroots Movement

By John Connors

The goals of any grassroots organization have remained the same from the very beginning: to spark conversation and inspire change. 

How to Ditch the Petition and Inspire Action Today

By John Connors

In its heyday, going door to door and gathering signatures for petitions was a useful way to get information about your cause into the community and...

8 Things I’ve Learned About Issue Advocacy Campaigns Since Launching Campaign Now in 2008

By John Connors

I first became passionate about activism and issue advocacy when I watched the timber mill business my family had owned since the 1960s become a...

How to Take Your Voter Engagement, Targeting and GOTV Online

By John Connors

Where voting feels like more than just a civic duty, it feels like a moral obligation. If you thought that the 2020 election season would bring out...

How to Craft an Effective Grassroots Fundraising Plan

By John Connors

Fundraising seems like a pretty straightforward, invaluable aspect of any organization or grassroots movement. And while much of the methodology of...

How to Start a Grassroots Movement

By John Connors

Grassroots movements get their name from the fact that they start from the ground and build up. By definition, it is when “ordinary people” are...

How to Keep Campaign Volunteers Engaged During the Winter Months

By Jason Knack

Keeping volunteers engaged is always a challenge throughout the campaign season. One of the most challenging times to motivate and retain volunteers...

Tips for Testing Direct Mail Marketing for Fundraising

By John Connors

In an earlier post on direct mail stats we noted that 78% of donations for nonprofits come from direct mail, 73% of consumers prefer mail over other...

Five Basic 501c3 Fundraising Ideas

By John Connors

When I think of “basic” fundraising, I’m thinking about direct mail, email, online, and telemarketing campaigns. They are the bread and butter of...

Nonprofit Development Manager Salary Range

By John Connors

In any organization, for profit or nonprofit, results are a direct reflection of the work done by their employees. Compensation for those employees...

3 Creative Ways to Raise More Awareness for Your Organization

By John Connors

Raising more awareness is critical for the success of your organization. But before we dive into three creative ways to do just that, let’s make sure...

Five Ways to Supercharge Your Donor Data

By John Connors

Now that you have your donor list in some sort of manageable database, rather than sticky notes and spreadsheets, it is time to engage in donor data...

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