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Americans for Prosperity state leader explains why New Yorkers are fleeing to Texas

By John Connors

In a compelling analysis penned by Genevieve Collins, the State Director of Americans for Prosperity in Texas, the recent surge in individuals...

Could massive population growth spell a shift in the Texas political landscape?

By John Connors

Texas is the second most populous state in the US, with about 30 million people. The Voting age population has grown at a remarkable pace in Texas, a...

10 States Facing Voter Turnout Challenges in 2024: A Reality Check

By John Connors

While whispers of record-breaking turnout swirl around some states in the 2024 presidential election, a sobering reality persists in others. Ten...

10 States Poised for Record Turnout in 2024: A Data-Driven Deep Dive

By John Connors

As the 2024 presidential election casts its long shadow, whispers of a potential turnout tsunami are circulating. While the usual battleground states...

How one Wisconsin county could decide the 2024 election

By John Connors

There is perhaps no state as solidly purple as the state of Wisconsin. A traditionally blue state for decades, Wisconsin is now possibly the most...

WSJ: Karl Rove breaks down bleak prospects for Biden in key 2024 swing states

By John Connors

Decline in enthusiasm and turnout prospects for key democratic coalition groups could flip the 2024 rematch.

President Biden faces a challenging...

Arizona: GOP beating Dems in voter registration

By John Connors

Trump has edge in Arizona heading into 2024

Before 2020, Arizona was considered a reliably Republican state, voting for the Republican candidate in...

Analysis: Wisconsin Elections Commission Deactivates 45% More Democrat Voters than Republicans in Latest Four-Year Maintenance Process

By John Connors

Analysis conducted by John Connors, Campaign Now Founder and President

An analysis conducted by Texas based, data-driven political consulting firm,...

Stunning New York Times poll spells big trouble for Biden

By John Connors

In a shocking new poll which has Democrats utterly panicked, Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in five out of six swing states that will ultimately decide...

Wisconsin Nonprofit legal center fights back against small-town government corruption

By John Connors

We unfortunately live in a political environment that seems dominated by the Left. There are no shortage of examples of well-organized liberal groups...

Is the global and domestic political environment setting up a GOP advantage in 2024?

By John Connors

While the Republican Party put on quite a spectacle in its recent quest to finally elect Mike Johnson as the new Speaker of the House, it would be...

How Jeff Landry pulled off a win in Louisiana’s gubernatorial primary

By John Connors

Heading into Saturday’s Louisiana gubernatorial jungle primary, there was near certainty among the media and pollsters that none of the candidates...

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