Our approach is thoughtful, measured and consistent - an unrelenting pursuit. We are dedicated to our clients, going above and beyond.
We don’t just seek donors or activists - people are more than numbers. We reach individuals who matter by educating and activating them to be true advocates for your cause.
Pursuing Advocates
For Your Cause
Your cause is bigger than any single event, legislation, or campaign. We focus on the bigger picture and long-term results. We want your cause to leave a lasting impression.
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Relationships. Results. Exceeding Expectations.

Some political marketing firms try to be all things to all people, which rarely delivers the best of everything.


relationships-icon-1We’ve flipped this approach on its head by instead focusing on your goals and using our diverse network of trusted partners and confidants to craft a plan with the highest likelihood of getting you the results you’re looking for.


relationships-icon-2Our vast array of specialized partner service providers and utilized platforms ensures that your success is our top priority. Our structure also ensures that we can give our trailblazing clients the face time and attention they deserve.

Who We Work With:




Political Organizations


Issue Advocacy




Government Affairs


Identify your target audience.


Reach and connect with them online.


Make it easy for them to fuel your movement.


Gain powerful, earned media exposure to amplify your advocates' voices.


Grassroots testimony and rally in support of contentious WI Act 10 bill, contributing to it’s passage into law

We worked with a national advocacy organization to conceptualize, plan, and execute multiple events, citizen testimonies, and hearings to raise awareness about Wisconsin’s Act 10, also known as the Budget Repair Bill. After a dramatic increase in earned media, citizen support of the cause spread and the Act 10 bill was passed by the Wisconsin Legislature to address a $3.6 billion deficit.

Hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists identified for national and state organizations

Campaign Now is the force behind rising memberships at national grassroots advocacy organizations across the country and in key battleground states like Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. We use a specialized multi-channel grassroots engagement program called Mass Based Membership to help issue groups obtain new grassroots members for an investment of $5-25 per member.

100,000+ phone and mail petitions signed in one month in opposition to Michigan legislation

Campaign Now deployed hundreds of thousands of outbound phone calls and mailers within just a few weeks to bombard the Michigan State Legislators’ offices with voices from constituents opposing new legislation that would fund an egregious bridge to Canada. We repeated this political strategy in opposition to Obamacare in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas and found the same success.


AFP and AFP Foundation has worked with John Connors and Campaign Now for over eight years on grassroots mobilization for events and earned media. John's team can be credited with the successful execution of earned media and grassroots events at a critical time for our organization when we were fighting for ACT 10 and major budget reforms. They are a true partner in our reform efforts.

Luke Hilegemann

Former CEO, Americans for Prosperity

If we’re trying to get to the heart of the matter of why I went with Campaign Now over someone else, what I like hearing as a consultant is that maybe things won’t work out. This may sound weird, but any time you hear someone promise the moon and ‘oh yeah, it’s going to be fabulous,’ I’ve been around the block to know that that’s not always going to happen. So if someone’s real, then you know it’s real.

Andrew Goodrich

Executive Director, Jobs First PAC

Campaign Now provides excellent digital data solutions that have helped us get our message out to new audiences.

Jamey Bowers

SVP, Berman and Company

Quick turnaround and mobilization. Those are things I have loved about working with Campaign Now. It’s that quick mobilization and agility the organization offers. If I were to go to with a larger market research agency to do a similar study, it could take weeks between speaking to different levels of people within the organization, getting something scoped out, and getting an agreement for a statement of work. If I have a quick need, I go to Campaign Now. We needed someone to do some focus group moderation. I reached out to John and two days later, he was on play. That’s been a key part of working with the organization.

Jonathan Preciado

Director of Market Research, Sodexo

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