Americans for Prosperity state leader explains why New Yorkers are fleeing to Texas

In a compelling analysis penned by Genevieve Collins, the State Director of Americans for Prosperity in Texas, the recent surge in individuals migrating from New York to the Lone Star State unfolds as a nuanced narrative driven by a confluence of factors. Collins's incisive examination unveils the multifaceted dynamics steering this significant demographic shift.

At the forefront of this migration trend are the compelling draws of Texas – lower taxes, a business-friendly environment, and an enhanced quality of life. Collins underscores that New Yorkers are choosing Texas as their destination due to the state's strategically crafted tax policies, a lower cost of living, and the robust foundation of its economy.

A tale of two economies

The dichotomy between the two states becomes pronounced as New York grapples with high taxes, cumbersome regulations, escalating crime rates, struggling educational institutions, and an environment that impedes entrepreneurial pursuits. In this landscape, Texas emerges as a haven for those aspiring to prosperity, innovation, and a more business-friendly ecosystem, as meticulously elucidated by Collins.

Central to Texas's appeal is its fiscal prowess, exemplified by a remarkable $32 billion surplus and an unwavering commitment to financial stability. Collins emphasizes this fiscal prudence as a key factor in attracting individuals seeking a sanctuary from the escalating crime rates and exorbitant cost of living witnessed in New York.

A pivotal distinction that resonates throughout Collins's analysis is Texas's absence of state income tax, in stark contrast to New York, which bears the mantle of the highest combined state and city tax rates in America. This fiscal juxtaposition amplifies the Lone Star State's allure, offering individuals not just economic opportunities but also substantial relief from the burdensome tax structures prevailing in New York.


Photo: Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York. Gov. Hochul has overseen one of the largest population exoduses from the Empire State in the state's history.

Credit: New York National Guard


Texas attracts the entrepreneurial spirit 

Beyond the fiscal sphere, Collins portrays Texas as a landscape fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The state's business-friendly environment, coupled with a lower cost of living and more favorable regulatory conditions, emerges as a beacon for those seeking to actualize their professional aspirations. Major corporations, as highlighted by Collins, are recognizing this appeal and relocating their headquarters to Texas, further contributing to the state's economic momentum.

A paramount facet of the migration narrative is the palpable improvement in quality of life offered by Texas. Collins delineates this through the lens of a lower crime rate, superior educational institutions, and more affordable housing options. This trifecta, as she aptly illustrates, positions Texas as a holistic haven for those in search of not just economic prosperity but an overall enhanced lifestyle.

Collins substantiates her analysis with an array of compelling statistics and facts. New York, as she highlights, experienced a significant loss of 102,000 residents from July 2022 through June 2023, underscoring the magnitude of the migration trend. Texas, in turn, stands out as the prime destination for those seeking refuge from the challenges posed by New York's socio-economic landscape.

In conclusion, Genevieve Collins's discerning analysis not only captures the essence of the migration trend but also illuminates the intricate interplay of factors that position Texas as an attractive haven for those seeking a brighter future. Her comprehensive overview, enriched by statistics and personal insights, paints a vivid portrait of the Lone Star State's ascendancy as a preferred destination for those in pursuit of economic opportunities and an elevated quality of life.

Genevieve Collins is the Texas State Director for Americans for Prosperity. Read her bio here. 

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