Seven Productivity Tools to Help You Raise More Funds in 2017

As you look over all your fundraising plans for the year along with a long list of aggressive goals, it can be overwhelming. I’ll bet you need to double or even triple your efforts to achieve all that you’d like for 2017. 

I’m not sure the productivity tools I’m highlighting can quite do that. But they can help you and your team use your time much more productively. That, in itself, can help bring you much closer to raising more funds.

Converge — One way to increase fundraising productivity is to use the best tools to accept and process payments. We use Converge with a lot of our clients. It’s a payment platform that manages your e-commerce, in-person and over the phone donations, mobile donations, along with all your back office tasks including recurring donations.

CommitChange — Another toolset we like is CommitChange. In addition to donation processing, it does event ticket sales, crowdfunding campaigns, relationship management, and donor data. Plus, everything is fully integrated. It’s well worth considering for your organization.

Podio — This system is all about managing the workflow across your entire organization and all your projects. It helps you keep on top of everything and make sure things are getting done and done on time. Productivity enhancements include getting everyone on the same page and optimizing communication across all your tasks and with everyone on your team. We use it on all our communication projects. Other options in this space include Asana, Basecamp, and Trello.

Slack — How many times after a project have you said that it could have been so much better if only we had better communication? Well, Slack aims to make that happen. It sets up team communication open channels, so that everyone knows what’s going on. It also includes direct messages, calls, and a file sharing system.

Hootsuite — There are so many social media channels that the challenge is to get your message out across all of them in a timely manner. Hootsuite does just that. Plus, you can schedule posts and tweets to happen at exactly the best time for your campaign. This system can really help you do more in less time.

MailChimp — This is the top email marketing platform. It can really help you get your message out with easy to use templates as well as making sure you don’t get snagged by spam filters. Plus it has all the analytics on who’s opening your messages and clicking through for further information or directly to your donation website. Its automation features can save you time and make you more effective. Another option in this space is ConstantContact.

LastPass — If you’re like me, you have several hundred passwords. Keeping track of those is the job of LastPass. It saves them and fills them in on the correct website. That alone can save you lots of time and the trouble of recovering passwords every time you’re trying to access a website. 

Raise More Funds in 2017

These are just a few tools that can help you and your team’s productivity in 2017. Another way to increase your productivity is to bring in the experts. That’s where CampaignNow comes into play.

We work with a wide variety of nonprofits on all their fundraising efforts. We have the services, the experience, and the expertise to help with whatever challenge you’re currently facing. 

You can contact us at (855) 329-4327 or

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John Connors

John Connors

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