10 States Poised for Record Turnout in 2024: A Data-Driven Deep Dive

As the 2024 presidential election casts its long shadow, whispers of a potential turnout  tsunami are circulating. While the usual battleground states grab headlines, a fascinating shift is brewing beneath the surface. Fueled by diverse factors and innovative policies, ten states are poised to become the unexpected heroes of voter engagement, potentially swinging the political pendulum and redefining the electoral landscape.

Unpacking the Data 

This analysis meticulously dissects recent polling data and historical trends to identify  the ten states primed for record-breaking turnout in 2024: 

St. Paul

St. Paul, Minnesota

Credit: Harshil Shah


  1. Minnesota: The undisputed champion, Minnesota boasts a robust automatic voter  registration system and expansive absentee voting options, propelling it towards an  anticipated turnout exceeding 80%. Civic arrangement is woven into the fabric of  Minnesotan culture, making it a beacon of democratic participation. 
  2. Maine: Ranked choice voting and a deep-rooted tradition of civic involvement  contribute to Maine's consistently high turnout, expected to surpass 75% in 2024.  Voters here relish their role in shaping policy and actively embrace their democratic  responsibility. 
  3. Oregon: Early voting, coupled with a vibrant political scene and vote-by-mail  convenience, propels Oregon to the forefront, with a projected turnout exceeding 74%.  Oregonians prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring their voices are heard at the  ballot box. 
  4. Colorado: Early voting and a strategic shift towards vote-by-mail have catapulted  Colorado into the spotlight, with a projected turnout exceeding 73%. This innovative  state embraces technological solutions to remove barriers and empower its citizens to  participate. 
  5. Washington: Early voting and a passionate political culture fuel Washington's high  turnout, with projections hovering around 73%. From Seattle's bustling streets to rural  outposts, the spirit of engagement runs deep in Washingtonian veins. 

Beyond the Top Five: 

The potential for increased engagement continues beyond the top five. These additional states are primed for a surge in citizen participation:


Madison, Wisconsin

  1. Wisconsin: A competitive political climate and fiercely engaged citizens keep Wisconsin's turnout consistently above the national average, with projections exceeding  70%. Every vote carries weight in Wisconsin, as proven by the two most recent presidential elections which were decided by around 20,000 votes.  
  2. New Hampshire: Home to the nation's first primary, New Hampshire understands  the power of citizen involvement. Same-day registration and absentee options fuel a  projected turnout exceeding 70%, demonstrating the Granite State's unwavering  commitment to democracy. 
  3. Vermont: Ranked-choice voting and a strong sense of community contribute to  Vermont's impressive turnout numbers, which are expected to reach above 70% in  2024. Vermonters take pride in their active role in shaping their state's future, and their  high turnout reflects that. 
  4. Iowa: Early voting and a tradition of active political participation keep Iowa engaged  in the electoral process, with projections exceeding 69%. From farm fields to cityscapes, Iowans value their civic duty and make their voices heard through consistent turnout. 
  5. Montana: Though geographically vast, Montana's dedication to convenient  absentee voting and same-day registration ensures inclusivity and high participation,  with a projected turnout exceeding 68%. Citizens come together from the Big Sky Country's mountains and valleys to exercise their democratic rights. 

The Implications of High Turnout: 

These projected high turnouts hold significant weight for the 2024 election. Increased voter engagement can: 

Shift the Electoral Landscape: High turnout can alter the balance of power in close  races, potentially influencing the consequences of the presidential election and down ballot contests. A few percentage points can swing entire states, making these high turnout states crucial players. 

Boost the Legitimacy of Elections: A larger voter base strengthens the public's trust  in the democratic process. When diverse voices are represented at the ballot box, the  elected officials carry greater weight and legitimacy. 

Amplify Diverse Voices: Increased turnout ensures that a wider range of  perspectives are represented in government, leading to more inclusive policymaking.  These states pave the way for a more representative and responsive democracy. 

Looking Ahead

While these projections offer valuable insights, voter turnout is dynamic. Ongoing  efforts to expand access, address voter suppression tactics, and foster civic engagement can further boost participation in these and other states. As the 2024 election draws  nearer, all eyes will be on these ten potential turnout champions, watching their efforts  to mobilize their citizens and redefine the future of American democracy. 





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