Earned Media

Turn the media into an ally for your cause.

Earned media is simply another term for free publicity. It’s the additional exposure you earn, not buy or own. We can help your group proactively work to achieve positive earned media.

This form of exposure has traditionally come from TV shows, magazines, and newspapers. But today, much of earned media for movements and organizations comes from the massive power of the internet: blog posts, reviews, tweets, industry articles, social posts, shares, and more. Although people tend to think of news stories when they think of the media, earned media refers to many sources. They range from professional reporters to online bloggers to ordinary people who leave comments, opinions, and reviews.

Earned media includes:

  • TV news reports
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper stories
  • Blog posts
  • Industry publications
  • Social media posts
  • Shares and referrals
  • Demonstration and opinion videos
  • Posts on review sites
  • Posts within online communities
  • Influencer recommendations, photos, and videos

Earned media works because it feels like it organically comes from friendly, trustworthy sources who aren’t being paid for their opinions. Consider these facts about free media:

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