Key Battleground Survey Identifies that 62% of un-registered, likely GOP non-voters want to participate in the 2024 presidential Election


June 11, 2024                                                        

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Key battleground survey identifies that 62% of un-registered, likely GOP non-voters want to participate in the 2024 presidential election 

23.4% of unregistered respondents in Wisconsin and Michigan say they want help registering to vote

AUSTIN, TX: Campaign Now, a conservative grassroots political strategy and consulting firm, unveiled its latest research and analysis detailing insights from a survey conducted on unregistered conservative nonvoters in key battleground states for the 2024 election. Partnering with Tele-Town Hall, LLC, the survey aimed to understand the underlying reasons behind non-registration and identify insights and opportunities for increased likely GOP nonvoter engagement.

The survey, conducted from March 8th to April 4th, 2024, targeted unregistered conservative nonvoters in Wisconsin and Michigan, two critical states for  the upcoming election. With an estimated three million unregistered, likely conservative-affiliated nonvoters across key swing states, the survey sought to uncover barriers to participation and inform strategies for voter registration and outreach.

Key Findings of the Battleground Nonvoters

  • Reasons for Non-Registration: Family commitments emerged as the primary obstacle, with 35.7% citing familial responsibilities. Distrust in the voting process (17.8%) and apathy towards elections (13.4%) were also significant factors.

  • Interest in Participation: Despite barriers, 62% expressed interest in participating in the 2024 elections, indicating potential for increased voter turnout. However, 29% indicated a lack of interest, highlighting the need for targeted outreach efforts.

  • Willingness for Assistance: While 23.4% expressed a desire for assistance with voter registration, 62.3% indicated a lack of interest, underscoring the challenges of engaging with this demographic.

  • Demographic Analysis: The survey sample exhibited diverse demographics, including varying age groups, gender representation, education levels, and income brackets.

John Connors, Partner at Campaign Now, commented on the report's significance, noting the challenges posed by apathy and mistrust in the political process. “This may be the toughest citizen group to reach that I’ve ever encountered,” Connors remarked. “There is a high level of apathy and mistrust in the political and electoral process and a deep inward focus on family and work priorities that makes this group understandably disengaged from registering as a voter, let alone participating in elections.” Connors underlined the chance for participation in spite of these obstacles, especially for the 62% of respondents who expressed interest in participating in the 2024 presidential election. 

Despite the obstacles, Connors sees significant potential for voter engagement. “The fact that nearly a quarter of those respondents said they would like assistance demonstrates that this should be a priority for conservative campaigns, the Republican Party, and like-minded public policy organizations.” The values of these voters from a political perspective is clear for voter mobilization of the group were also noted by Connors. “You can see by the income level, marriage rate, and home ownership levels, that these are hardworking folks who have solid values and are focused on those basic things in life, so this is really a voter the GOP should be pursuing.”

Connors credited Tele-Town Hall's innovative approach for their success in reaching these voters. "We couldn't have done it without Tele-Town Hall's new product for reaching voters on mobile phones. Their platform has been instrumental in overcoming the challenging barriers with engaging in this critical demographic." 

Brad White, Vice President at Tele-Town Hall, a leading provider in voter outreach and survey solutions, also added, “using different modes of communications, such as our new Live Voice Broadcast technology, Tele-Town Hall and Campaign Now were able to reach a solid number of potential voters in this incredibly tough to access demographic.”



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