Campaign Now Analysis Finds 28,080 Likely Democratic Voters Deactivated from Wisconsin Voter Rolls


November 28, 2023                                                            

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Campaign Now Analysis Finds 28,080 Likely Democratic Voters Deactivated from Wisconsin Voter Rolls

Austin, TX – A new analysis by Campaign Now, a Texas-based data-driven political consulting firm, suggests that the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) deactivated 28,080 likely Democratic voters from the state voter rolls in 2023. The number of likely Democratic voters eliminated from the rolls was nearly 45% more than likely Republican voters for the voter list maintenance purge executed in July of 2023.

Campaign Now analyzed a sample of 599,243 voters who participated in one of the last four general elections in the state but have been deactivated by the WEC in the last 24 months,” said John Connors, Campaign Now Founder and Partner. “By analyzing a larger sample than the 108,378 deactivated in 2023 by WEC, our team believes that this is a more accurate representation of likely deactivated voter trends that will be helpful to political and public policy leaders in a key 2024 swing state.”

Key Findings:

  • Of the inactive voters studied, 1,900,038 haven’t voted in the last four general elections.
  • 599,243 voters participated in at least one of the last four general elections but have been removed from the voter rolls.
  • The partisan make-up of deactivated voters suggests that nearly 45% more Democratic voters were deactivated than Republican voters in the July 2023 purge.
  • Approximately 93,000 voters who are now marked as deactivated by the WEC voted in the 2022 midterm election, while 220,000 voted in the 2020 presidential election.


Campaign Now used a proprietary voter file to analyze the demographics and partisan make-up of Wisconsin’s inactive voters, a data tag provided by the WEC. The analysis was conducted as a snapshot of active and inactive voters on August 31st, 2023.

About Campaign Now:

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