Our Five Favorite Apps for Managing Contacts

Long ago, probably in the last century, it was said that you’re only as good as the contacts in your Rolodex. In case you don’t know, a Rolodex is a rotating card index with each card holding the contact information for a business or individual.

That’s a fine gadget as long as you never leave your desk. In today’s world, we’re seldom at our desks, if indeed we even have a desk. Instead we rely on our smart phones or laptops, and use contact apps to take on this task.

I’ve found five favorites, among the large selection of apps. All five are available on iOS and Android. You can be sure that each one adds capabilities well beyond that of the standard contact apps that come with your phone.


This is actually the one that’s currently installed on my phone. One feature I really like is that it brings all contacts together from across all your accounts: Google, iCloud, Office 365. Make a change anywhere and it gets updated throughout. That is so helpful in making sure I have the right information no matter what app I’m looking at. 

It also helps flag duplicates and automatically adds data from public sources, making sure I’ve got the latest information on all my contacts. This includes social media posts and profile photos to your contact information. A premium feature lets you photograph business cards and the app adds the information as a contact. That is very helpful and efficient.


This app has many of the same features as FullContact, including contact updates, business card scanning, syncing between address books, and duplication removal. It also adds updates from email signature capture along with a groups feature that allows you to pull together key lists of contacts.

It flags needed changes for each contact but asks that you make those changes rather than doing so automatically. This, of course, puts you in direct control of any changes to your contacts. That can be a plus for many.


Sync.ME provides many of the same features as mentioned above, but takes a particular focus on reducing phone spam. It identifies incoming calls and displays full names and photos, even if they’re not in your contacts list. It also provides a phone number search function. It does this regardless of whether the phone number is in your contacts listing. There’s also birthday reminders and a digital greeting card generator.


Cloze not only manages your contacts but your email inbox and social media feeds as well. That includes posting updates to your various social media channels. Upgrade versions, beyond the free version, offer calendars, Evernote connections, call history, project management functions, reminders, and a great deal more.

It really moves quickly from contact management to a full service digital assistant that helps you keep on top of all your information, reminding and preparing you for the next meeting with your contacts.


This is a very straightforward app for your contacts. Its big feature is that it allows your friends and professional contacts, who also are using the app, to update their contact information directly in your information. Of course, the downside is that your contacts need to use this same app. It also has group messaging and smartwatch support. Simple and straightforward, it works. 

There’s More

Those are our five favorites but there are plenty of contact apps available. You can learn about several more at Tom’s Guide to Best Contact Apps. Hopefully, one or more of these apps will help you in your work with your members, volunteers, and donors. 

Of course, we work with a wide variety of nonprofits. We have the services, the experience, and the expertise to help with whatever challenge you’re currently facing, especially strategic fundraising.

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