Seven Vine Strategies for Campaigns


Chances are you’ve heard about Vine. It is the up and coming video platform with a unique niche: users access short bursts of video. Perfect for getting quick blurbs to the public. Vine is often showcased via Twitter, which bought the company two years ago.

A few folks have used Vine specifically to create and promote their personality brands. Sixteen-year-old Nash Grier cultivated a following on Vine on his own and now boasts over nine million followers. Celebrities don’t dominate Vine like they do Twitter. This platform is about personality, creativity, and a willingness to experiment—maybe even make some news.

It’s perfect for campaign-ready politicians who want to think outside the box, capture unique moments, and reach out to a new kind of audience. With only six seconds to fill for each Vine, it’s not about how many words you can fit in, but what you can say and how you can say it powerfully in a jiffy.

Vine recently added the ability to upload video taken previously so this will help if you have footage of something you’d like to include already.

Facts about Vine:

  • More than five tweets per second contain a Vine link.
  • A branded Vine video is four times more likely to be seen than a regularly branded video.
  • One of the most downloaded apps of 2013 and it saw a 403% growth last year.
  • Over 100 million people watch Vines every month.
  • Every time someone views your Vine video, it’s called a “loop.”

Vine Videos For Campaigns

  1. Get the Timing Right. Vine videos can range from three to six seconds. You can record as multiple segments by using the pause and record method. GAP made a simple stop and record Vine video here and it's as uncomplicated as moving things around for each new brief clip.
  2. Pre-Plan. Just use a pen and paper. Create six columns on a piece of paper or marker board, each of the six representing each second of the proposed Vine. Now, fill in each second with what you want inside of it. This will help you sketch out your Vine if it’s not a straight video. You can see the action steps Oreo used to fill their six seconds in this creative Vine. What three to six things do you want your constituents to hear from you?
  3. Take Advantage of the Tools. Politicians—and everyone who uses Vine—should take advantage of these. On the bottom of the Vine app screen, you’ll see a few tools available to help make your video better. The whole point of apps like Vine is to make it easier for the user to create great videos quickly and without a lot of editing. These easy-to-use tools can make your video stand out and look more professional.
  4. Stop-Motion* Vines For Messaging. Stop-motion videos are what Vine is famous for. Once you get into the swing of things, consider creating a Stop-Motion Vine. It can be as simple are writing six powerful words on different colored pieces of paper and switching them out for each second. It’s a creative way to say what you want to say. A great way to do them well is to use Vine’s “ghosting tool,” which shows you the last frame you recorded so you can line up the next scene flawlessly.
  5. Send a Public Message. Instead of sending out a press release with your reaction to the president’s latest speech, why not condense your message and say it in a Vine? Then, tweet the video out and post it on your Facebook page. The media will be much more likely to pay attention if you are using a new technology and saving them the hassle of gazing over a press release. You can even tweet the video to specific reporters that you want to be sure see it—and guess what? Vine videos play automatically on Twitter so they will definitely see it!
  6. Respond to Constituent Questions. Getting questions or comments from constituents on social media? Pick one a day—or week—and respond quickly in a Vine video. It’s both unique and personal. Speaker John Boehner uses Vines to communicate with people here.
  7. Create a Vine-Specific Series. This is such an easy way to stand out from the crowd. Create a Vine-specific video series that is published on the same day and time each week. Here, you’ll speak out the issue of your choice, provide your thoughts on the day or tell a joke. You can make it whatever you want, but do it consistently. Check out how each Oreo Vine this season starts with the same kind of cover to give it some consistency.

Like other social media tools you use for communication, Vine is just one piece of a larger pie. Take every piece of content or information you have and figure out how to use it properly on Vine. There's always an adaptation to be made. Start following accounts that now their stuff and mimic the successes you see there. It won't be long before you are being listed as an example in how to do it right too.

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