Campaign Now survey and analysis finds 62% of unregistered likely GOP non-voters in key battleground states want to vote in 2024

Our latest research survey sheds light on a crucial yet often overlooked group of potential voters: unregistered conservative nonvoters in key battleground states

Additional findings: 1 out of 4 unregistered, likely GOP non-voters want help registering to vote.

What to know: 

  • Family commitments, distrust in the voting process, and apathy towards elections are among the primary barriers identified.

  • Campaign Now's survey reveals that 62% of unregistered likely GOP non-voters in key battleground states are interested in voting in 2024.

  • 1 out of 4 of these nonvoters expressed a desire for help registering to vote.

  • Understanding the reasons behind conservative non-voter disengagement is crucial for effective voter engagement strategies.

At Campaign Now, we believe in the power of voter engagement and the impact it can make in elections. Our latest research survey sheds light on a crucial yet often overlooked group of potential voters: unregistered conservative nonvoters in key battleground states. As we gear up for the 2024 election, understanding the barriers these individuals face and their interest in participating is more critical than ever. This survey, conducted in partnership with Tele-Town Hall, LLC aims to uncover the reasons behind their non-registration and explore opportunities for increasing their voter engagement.

If you have time to review the research results and assets you can access them in the links below.  We have also provided a quick read-recap further in this blog post.

Here’s a direct link to our research page where you can find the study and analysis.

You may also view our interactive dashboard of the data insights here as well.

Why Conservative Non Voters Matter

Conservative nonvoters hold a significant place in the democratic process, representing untapped potential that could sway election outcomes especially in tightly contested battleground states. These individuals, who share the political values and beliefs of our clients, could bolster conservative turnout.

With an estimated three million unregistered, likely conservative-affiliated nonvoters across key swing states, their participation could be the deciding factor this Fall.  So why don’t they register to vote or participate in elections?  Let’s take a closer look:

Quick Snapshot of Survey Findings

Survey Insights: Why Aren't They Registered?

Family Commitments: 

  • The #1 Reason
  • 35.7% cite familial responsibilities

Distrust in the Voting Process

  • 17.8% express distrust in the system

Apathy Towards Elections

  • 13.4% show lack of interest in elections

A Surprising Interest in Voting

  • 62% Want to Vote in 2024. Despite barriers, there's strong interest in participation

The Need for Help: One in Four Want Assistance Registering

Among the surveyed unregistered likely GOP nonvoters, 23.4% expressed a desire for assistance with registration with the government. This highlights a significant opportunity to increase voter engagement through targeted support by nonprofits and advocacy groups that have members or substantial audiences. By offering encouraging messaging from celebrities, influencers, leaders and providing resources such as step-by-step guides, in-person registration drives, and online registration tools, these nonvoters are looking for help. Ensuring they have the necessary support to navigate the registration process is crucial for transforming their interest in voting into active participation and a huge impact on the outcomes of the 2024 election.

Demographic Breakdown

The survey sample of unregistered, likely GOP nonvoters presents a diverse demographic landscape. Age-wise, it spans from young adults to older generations, indicating a broad spectrum of life stages and experiences. Gender representation is relatively balanced, showcasing both male and female perspectives. 

Educational backgrounds vary widely, from high school graduates to those with advanced degrees, reflecting a mix of educational attainments. Income levels also differ significantly, including both lower-income households and higher earners. This diversity underscores the importance of tailored outreach strategies to address the unique needs and concerns of these potential voters.

Innovative Solutions for Voter Engagement

Campaign Now has been pioneering innovative approaches to engage with potential voters, recognizing the importance of reaching them through accessible channels. One such solution is the utilization of “Live Voice Broadcasting” by Tele-Town Hall, a leading provider of voter and constituent outreach technology. Through this new, innovative tool, Campaign Now was able to reach a wider audience of potential voters, including conservative nonvoters who may be difficult to engage through traditional means like digital panels or landline phones.  Because of our partnership with Tele-Town Hall, Campaign Now has achieved remarkable success in engaging conservative nonvoters and mobilizing them to take action in the 2024 election and beyond.

Overall, this may be the toughest citizen group to reach that we have ever encountered as a company in our voter outreach efforts.   We learned that the relevant apathy and distrust observed within this demographic towards the political process, coupled with a distinct focus on family and work priorities, takes precedence over civic engagement. Despite these formidable obstacles, the underlying potential for increased engagement, especially among those expressing interest in participating in the 2024 election is significant. 

Engage and Register

If you are an activist or a political leader, you could have a significant impact by leveraging your organization or network to mobilize conservative nonvoters and facilitating their registration process. You can make a difference by encouraging your family, friends, and community members to participate in the voter registration process. Whether through grassroots outreach efforts, social media advocacy, or organizing voter registration drives, every action counts towards increasing voter turnout of the right voters for the November 2024 election and help put our country back on the right path.

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