How to Get Volunteer Traction for Your Campaign

Recruiting and maintaining a productive volunteer force is often one of the greatest challenges your campaign can face. Finding self-motivated individuals to volunteer their time and effort to your cause can be difficult but may be one of the most worthwhile and effective means of communicating your message to potential voters.

Recruiting is just the start though; a field office full of volunteers creates new challenges. Keeping them focused, on task and productive can prove more difficult than getting them in the door. Using the right tools to keep your volunteer force oriented in the right direction can have a big payoff in the form of delivering a resourceful grassroots boost to your campaign.

We encourage you to review a helpful article by Campaigns and Elections on The Secret to Building a Volunteer Juggernaut, which outlines some of the challenges of recruiting and maintaining a volunteer base and provides solutions to keep volunteers engaged, motivated, and ultimately help make your organization a success.

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Charles Austin

Charles Austin

Chip began working at Campaign Now in early 2015. He grew up in Elkhorn and Wauwatosa Wisconsin, and currently lives in Milwaukee where he is attending the University of Wisconsin studying Political Science.


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