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Doing Political Campaign Opposition Research on Yourself

By Phil Van Treuren

If you plan on running in a local election and there is publicly available information about you that might be a hindrance to your campaign, it’s...

Why Building a Narrative is Critical for a Successful Campaign

By John Connors

Each election season we see dozens of suitable candidates pitch themselves as the best choice for their desired office, only to be distrusted,...

The Best Type of Data You Can Get For Your Campaign

By Charles Austin

It's not a secret: the key to a successful campaign is accurate, actionable data. Knowing who voters are and what they want gives you the ability to...

How to Get Volunteer Traction for Your Campaign

By Charles Austin

Recruiting and maintaining a productive volunteer force is often one of the greatest challenges your campaign can face. Finding self-motivated...

6 Pieces of Voter Data That Will Help You Win Your Campaign This Year

By Ericka Andersen

The days of getting out the vote and hoping people respond are over. Campaigns have much more control over creating the results they want by...

The Importance of GOTV in Winning Mid-terms

By Ericka Andersen

It was a landslide victory for Republicans in the 2014 mid-term elections, but how did the GOP get so many people to turn out and vote them into...

Simple Tools GOP Candidates Can Use to Raise More Money

By John Connors

The presidential campaign season is now in full swing, and there won’t be any rest for the weary until the election is complete in 2016. This is both...

Guest Blog: 3 Essential SEO Practices for Your Political Website

By Guest Blogger

by Phil Van Treuren, author at Political Campaigning Tips

Although political campaign strategy is a hobby of mine, my full-time career is in the...

10 Platforms Political Campaigns Are Using in 2014

By Ericka Andersen

Who are the candidates we’ll be praising for their digital efforts once the 2014 election cycle is over — and what are they doing now to make their...

Running a Campaign? Then You Need to Know About TCPA Compliance

By Patrick Johnson

We recently wrote about how voters are ditching landlines for mobile phones. It’s a big problem for campaign managers and professionals who survey...

Our Services and Team Are the Key to Your Success

By Patrick Johnson

Politics is a tricky field filled with myriad smoke and mirrors. Many who seek a chance at shaping their community through politics find it difficult...

Our Grassroots Approach to Issues and Elections

By Patrick Johnson

Political campaigns are run on engaged voters eager to support their respective party or cause. We specialize in a grassroots approach to voter...

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